Skype Call Recorder 5.5: Automatically record Skype calls in high-quality audio and video formats.

Skype Call Recorder 5.5

Skype Call Recorder. Skype Call Recorder can be used in private Skype recording such as an online interview, to obtain evidence and parental control purpose. It is important to take audio notes when you are on a Skype call and the recording quality should be high for further reference. Skype Call Recorder is just the one which can help you to record high quality Skype calls for private use. Skype Call Record can also be used in Skype call centers

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Skype Portable Launcher 1.3: Run your Skype from USB flash drive, carry your application, profile, settings

Skype Portable Launcher 1.3

Skype developers. Portable Skype Launcher - the utility for launching Skype from a flash drive. Run your Skype application directly from your portable drive with no need of installation. Carry your Skype profile, settings, history and received files always with you. Portable Skype Launcher allows - Automatic copying of Skype application - Automatic copying of Skype profile - Automatic checking for newer Skype version We would like to emphasize that

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AthTek Skype Recorder 6.11: Automatically record Skype calls in high-quality audio and video formats.

AthTek Skype Recorder 6.11

Skype Recorder enables user to record Skype calls automatically in high quality. It also has many other advanced features which make it to be an ideal application for Skype. It supports to work on Windows 8(8.1)/7/Vista/XP. It has been awarded as THE MOST NEEDED MATE FOR SKYPE by thousands of users. If you are looking for a call recorder for Skype, AthTek Skype Recorder should be the exact software you want. AthTek Skype Recorder comes with a clean

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Skype Voice Changer 2.3: Change your voice pitch and send out cute sound emotions in Skype call.

Skype Voice Changer 2.3

Skype Voice Changer is a cute program for Skype users. It is another cool program of AthTek Skype Recorder`s development team. And therefore, the excellent Skype call recording features has been included into Skype Voice Changer. If you have ever played "Talking Tom" on iPhone or Android smart phone, you would probably know how Skype Voice Changer works. It will change your voice pitch to be female voice or male voice in Skype call, and you can make

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Skype Call Recorder Lite 1.0: Skype Call Recorder records every Skype Call conversation to an audio backup.

Skype Call Recorder Lite 1.0

Skype Call Recorder is a reliable and practical Skype call recorder. It can be automatically connected with Skype and record Skype conversations. Besides, in the interface of Skype Call Recorder you can administrate functions of Skype efficiently, such as setting don`t disturb mode, opening conference. As a Skype call recorder, its best part is that every detail will be recorded in the log, including the exact time, the length of call, etc.

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Riviera for Skype 3.6: Riviera for Skype is a Skype call recorder. It automatically records Skype calls

Riviera for Skype 3.6

Skype and Riviera starts recording it automatically to MP3 file. You may start/stop recording any portion of the call at any time. Features: * Automatic and manual Skype call recording * Records Skype calls of any type: Skype-to-Skype calls, SkypeIn / SkypeOut, Conference calls, calls to cells, etc. * Records Skype calls of any length * Recordings are stored in separate MP3 file * No functional limitations in free trial version. Only 14-day trial

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Teleon Skype Gateway for Voice Modem 2.03: Teleon Skype Gateway is a VoIP gateway driver for common voice modem.

Teleon Skype Gateway for Voice Modem 2.03

Skype to PSTN and PBX: open a chat window in Skype, type "atd xx..x", then initiate Skype call. Call will be forwarded by Skype gateway card to PSTN or PBX number xx...x. 3) Call from PSTN to Skype or SkypeOut: Call to the PSTN phone number where the gateway card is connected. Call will be answered after a number of rings, send out a prompt tone to inform you dial, dial the Skype remote speed dial number yy and # or SkypeOut PSTN number 011xx..xx

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PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype Skype recorder, Call Record, Answering Machine, Share Music,  record skype calls

PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype

Skype (PMCRS) is a powerful Skype add on, which allows you to record skype calls on Windows easily. Besides the call recording funtions built in, PMCRS offer many features as following: 1, Call Recording. Record Skype calls / conference calls, saving Skype call records in MP3 files with stereo / mono optional. 2, Skype Answering Machine. Auto-answer your Skype calls when you`re away from computer. 3, Save Skype Voicemails. Store Skype voicemails

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Teleon Gateway for Skype 1.76: Teleon Gateway for Skype is a VoIP gateway driver for PCTel PCI modem card.

Teleon Gateway for Skype 1.76

Skype remote user and vice versa, in fix transfer mode or free dial mode. You can receive Skype calls from your cellphone. Its freeware version has a duration limitation of 3 mintues for each call. Features: 1) Automatic installation/uninstallation program helps you to install, uninstall and remove driver. 2) Call from Skype to remote PSTN: open a chat window in Skype, type "atd xx..x", then initiate Skype call. Call will be forwarded by Skype gateway

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Pistonsoft Skype Recorder 1.3: Skype Recorder - add-on that records conversations and saves them to your Gmail.

Pistonsoft Skype Recorder 1.3

Skype doesn`t support by default. Fortunately, there are third-party solutions that add this extremely useful functionality to Skype - such as Pistonsoft Skype Recorder. Skype Voice Recorder is a useful addition to Skype that enables you to record your conversations in high quality and save them to your hard drive, your Gmail account or both locations at the same time. The software silently resides in the system tray and can save your conversations

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